Winter is not over

Vintage fur coat, boots and belt. Forever21 dress. High knee socks from Simons.


Nope, winter is not over, their is still snow everywhere is town, even if their is only spring clothes in stores. I am wearing my favorite fur coat to remind me that this season is not that bad, after all. I bought it last week from a thrift store and I can tell you that the fur is really warm and soft. I paired it with neutrals and high knee socks, the two of them were big trends this winter. Oh and sorry about the face, but I have this huge cold since I am in spring break. I think they should call spring break: the week when you have so much homework you can’t breathe but you are suppose to be in vacation- break, or something. 
So, I am going back to those homework, see you here, on facebook, bloglovin or twitter. xo
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