How to win at Laundry day

Being a fashion blogger means I get to talk about clothes all the time. All. The. Time. Where I shop, what I wear, fabrics, layering, mixing designer clothes and fast fashion, etc. But when it comes to actually taking care of the acquisitions, I’ve stayed silent for the longest time. I’ve been doing my laundry since forever- well, since my mom taught me to keep the whites and the colors separated at age 13- and I’ve been able to wear pieces over and over again on this platform, thanks to my washing skills.

I then thought I would share with you guys a bit of my knowledge regarding laundry day. I teamed up with Downy for this post, since I’ve been using the brand forever, and because conditioning your clothes is an important part of the process. Without using fabric conditioner, your clothes can lose their shape/softness and begin pilling, which we try to avoid. It helps protect your favourite garments from stretching, fading and fuzzing. Just like when you wash your hair, you wouldn’t skip conditioner after shampoo, so why would you do the same with your clothing? Yep, doesn’t make sense.

Here is how to take care of the trickiest fabrics in your wardrobe:

  • Always check the care label before laundering as some items can only be dry-cleaned.
  • Zip up the zipper and button all buttons (if applicable) to keep them from rubbing against fabrics and causing damage; then turn garment inside out to further protect the outside of the garment.
  • Separate colors into lights, brights, and darks to avoid dye transfer.
  • For particularly delicate items, put into a mesh bag to minimize rubbing against other 
  • For tumble dry garments: Use the lowest heat setting available with Bounce dryer 
sheets to help prevent wrinkling and static.
  • When in doubt, lay flat to dry as heat from the dryer can damage some fabrics over time.

Voilà! Now you can confidently go wash your cashmere or your wool pieces without having a heart attack. Keep on washing, my friends!

*This post was sponsored by Downy, but all opinions are mine.

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