Wedding outfit inspo: Women’s

Here are some gorgeous ways to accessorise at a wedding
1. Matching outfit, lipstick and nail polish, always a win
2. Glitters on accessories
3. Carry a vintage bag or a stunning clutch
Don’t forget, never ever wear a white dress at a wedding. Never.


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  • Elegantesque

    Merci pour ces precieux conseils !



    Elegantesque Blog

  • Anonymous

    I respectfully disagree! I think you can wear white to a wedding, so long as your outfit is clean and simple. I think the notion that anyone- even a guest wearing white- would detract from the obvious spotlight on the bride and groom is quite laughable. White is summery and flattering and completely wearable and I say go for it!

  • Alexandra

    Haha I agree with the white…I think it's a gesture of respect and on top of that, it's a great reason to explore tons of colour! Love this inspo, too bad I have no weddings to attend haha…need one of my sisters to get married!

    Alexandra xo

  • Anonymous

    Et du noir, on peut? J'ai acheté hier une robe de dentelle noire que je prévois porter pour un mariage. En boutique, je la touvais super romantique, mais, depuis que je suis rentrée, je trouve qu'elle n'est pas particulièrement hop-la-vie. Pour un mariage, tsé… T'en penses quoi? Avec des accessoires colorés, je pourrais sauver la mise?