Vintage, local and fast fashion

I never understood people that only wear designers, a certain type of clothes or only one color. I like to mix and match pieces and play with high and low items. Fashion is supposed to be fun, a way to express yourself and present your personality to the world. I personally can’t commit to only one brand or one style- hence why I like to mix vintage pieces, like this top I found at Value Village, local brands (the bag) and fast fashion. Sometimes I splurge on designer items because I feel like it and other times I go thrift shopping and buy myself a very nice piece for 4.99. It’s all about balance, in my very own opinion. What you guys think?

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Photos: Gabrielle Robert

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Gabrielle Lacasse

Gabrielle is the founder of Dentelle+Fleurs. As a young woman with a creative soul, passionate about writing and photography, she uses the web as an artistic platform to share her ideas and work.