Video: An all thrifted Lookbook

You guys know I’ve always been a fan of thrift shopping. I was doing it A LOT at the beginning of this website, because I was kind of broke, but also I was enjoying finding gems that no one else was wearing. A few months ago, I went back to my roots. I am more and more aware of the damages the fast fashion industry is doing on the environnement, so I try to buy smarter. I buy better quality clothes, I spend on less pieces and I thrift a lot.

I wanted to create a video in which everything was thrifted except the baiting suit (I don’t do second hand swimsuits or undies) to show you guys that you can find ANYTHING you want at a second hand store. The glasses, the bags, everything is from a vallue-village-ish place.

I hope you guys enjoy it! If you do, do not forget to subscribe to my channel here.

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