Inexpensive ways to add personnality to a room

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Decorating is fun, but it’s even funner when you can do it for a small price. We love when our home has personality and character. With these 5 ultimate tricks, we say there is no need to break the bank!

  1.  Keep books in plain sight to make them an element of your decor
  2. Adopt an outstanding colored piece, such as a couch with crazy prints or a bookshelf in a bold color.
  3. Mix plenty of prints
  4. Use your nicest shoes and accessories as decoration
  5. When you are hosting, use plates, dishes and cutlery that do not match but that are in the same style

And never forget that what doesn’t match always leads to the best eclectic and stylish decors!

Photos all from The Coveteur and Domain Home


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Céline-Audrée Hébert Desautels

Classic is her motto regarding her personal style. Celine is always going for neutral shades when it comes to clothing and interior decor. She's a shoe lover and simply can't live without magazines, art books and chocolate.