Tips: How to get through winter

I kinda don’t like winter. I have this theory that the people who like winter are the ones that don’t live in a winter country. They come, ski a little, play in the snow for 5 minutes and then go back to their home in Miami. In Montreal, winter is long, very very cold and we basically have 7 hours of sun everyday. Therefore, here are some little tips on how to survive winter, because, yes, it is called surviving:

1. Wear pastel. This will bring a little summer spirit  2. Improve your home. ‘Cause you’re in your home pretty much all the time  3.  Buy cute but warm boots  4. Wear a warm and fuzzy coat  5. Light up that scent candle that has been on your desk since forever. It will give a whole new vibe to your house 6. Buy sunglasses. Not to protect yourself from the sun, but to pretend there is actually some 7.  Drinking tea warms up the soul 8. Cuddle with your cat. Play with your cat. Your cat is your bestfriend because he is warm and cute   9. Buy something expensive. You always feel good after this, right?  10. Find a good concealer to hide that lack of sun and sleep on your pretty pale face 11. Stay positive!

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