Tips to decorate if you live with a gamer boyfriend

Comment décorer votre salon-salle de jeu Some ideas to keep organized your living room Comment organiser votre salon avec un espace de jeu video Geek pillows for your living room Décorer votre salon avec la thème des jeux et films Installing a table game in your living room

If you have a partner who loves to play games, you can certainly make his space (the living room) more comfortable with geek inspired decorative objects, like pillows, frames and a beautiful rug. It’s all about compromises. To avoid making this place messy, you can find some organizers to put his controllers, cards, board games or whatever he is using in your home. Remember you are sharing a space and even if you don’t like to play games, it can be your perfect living room since you have your favorite person there.

Pics from Pinterest, Patina White and Cool stuff Gadgetz 

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