This accessory will instantly make your outfit look chic

neck scarf and leather jacket Neck scarf on a happy girl low pony tail and neck scarf fur jacket and neck scarf wide trousers and neck scarf neck scarf and pin stripe suit

Are you looking for that final touch to make your outfit perfect? We have found just what you need ; Tie a silk scarf (dreaming of Hermès) around your neck. Go ahead and tie it a little tighter than your regular scarf to get a more polished look. Feel free to choose a scarf that has lots of colours and patterns. You are sure to feel like a lady with one of these cuties around your neck!

Photos: Lauren M, Chic Over Dose,, MR & Soutern Femme

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Catherine Couture-Boulanger

Catherine is a rebellious, dream-filled modern hippie who strives to grow through lifes challenges. She is a woman of determination who keeps smiling, no matter what.