The best way to stack up your bracelets

On aime le melange des bracelets Porter plusieurs bracelets ensembles Plusieurs bracelets pour ajouter à sa tenue du jour Wearing bracelets and a watch on the same arm Add some details on your outfit with beautiful bracelets

Jewelry is and will remain an important part of every outfit a girl can pull. You can add a fun preppy vibe to any outfit by wearing multiple bracelets on the same wrist. Go ahead and dare to mix metals, leather, charms, strings, as well as real and fake materials. You could even wear them with your favorite watches. Find the style that suits you, but just make sure they stay in the same hues for a more polished look.

Photos: Goldfish Kiss, Blog da Thássia

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Michelle Vargas

She left the beautiful and sunny Brazil for the pretty streets of the Plateau Mont Royal. She talks a lot, loves wearing striking lipstick colors and is a big fan of home decor.