The best decor tips to mix old & new

Classic bedroom Antique and modern mix

Inside the Draper James flagship in Nashville.

Retro Dining Room Venini Chandelier - Tips To Mix Old With New

We’ve been seeing a lot flawless decors mixing the antique with the modern on Pinterest lately. It has inspired us to write a quick guide on how to be the master at combining both styles. There is no magic way to do so but these tips can definitely help you :

  • Fuse opposing styles

The more different the styles are, the bigger impact they will have.

  • Use the same color palette

Stick to one color scheme so there is a conductive line between all your pieces

  • Avoid mixing too many styles

Remember that mixing too many items of different styles can make your home look like a yard sale. If you are not sure which ones to pick, here are 2 great combinations : arts and crafts + comtemporary or Asian + Victorian.

  • The 50/50 ratio is NOT mandatory

You don’t have to achieve a 50/50 ratio for a decor incorporating 2 styles. We suggest you pick one dominant style and add decorative accessories and small furniture that have another style to add some character to your room.

  • Opt for furniture with a tradionnal shape made out of modern material (or the opposite)

The result will be surprising yet stunning. Just think about the iconic Louis Ghost chair designed by Philippe Starck.

Photos: QuaintrelleArchitectural digestOne Kings Lane, My Domaine & Lonny

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