That time I wanted to live in an HQ or my visit at Airbnb

When in San Francisco, I had the chance to visit the Airbnb HQ, which was located not too far from our very own Airbnb rental. To be honest, I just completely fell in love with the place, the people, the design, everything. Since I visited the place, I am torn between blogging and working for this too-good-to-be-true company. It was definitely the highlight from my trip and I am planning on sneaking in next time I am in town to eat at the cafeteria again (but don’t tell anyone!).

Here are a few fun facts I learned from my visit:

  1. When you work at the HQ, you do not have a desk with your name on it. You can work wherever you want in the position you want (sitting down, standing up, lying down). Just bring your laptop and choose a room!
  2. Almost every space from the HQ is a replica of an Airbnb room that you can rent, somewhere in the world. A kitchen from Mexico, a living room from Paris, a bedroom from Florida, etc.
  3. Employees have free snacks, coffee and food all day every day. They even have a Sandwich bar!
  4. The new logo stands for People + Place + Love + Airbnb.
  5. Many good looking people are working at Airbnb (that one is completely useless and subjective, but still).
  6. Portraits of the best Airbnb hosts are everywhere in the Head Quarters, like a olympic wall of fame of hosting.
  7. People actually have meetings in that Local Ops Clubhouse (see photo).
  8. Erin (our cute tour guide) said she could work from home, but she doesn’t want to because the HQ is just way too nice.
  9. They serve organic food everyday except Sunday in the cafeteria. I ate there and it was delicious (Kale!).
  10. My friend Stephanie cried a little because she didn’t want to leave the place (and because they have a huge orange juice machine).

Thank you so much Airbnb for having us!

All pictures by me (click on them to see them full size!)

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