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Men’s Fashion: Gentleman rebelle

  Mike Ricci in Matinique clothes? Oh yes. I like the overall vibe of this shoot and the concept is also great: A rebel…

Men’s fashion: Summer Streetstyle (5)

Christophe Dubé – Influenceur viral Wearing: Topman shirt. Levis shorts. Nike Air Max sneakers. No brand hat (we really don’t know the brand).

Men’s fashion: Summer Streetstyle (4)

Maybe Watson- Alaclair Milk Specialist Wearing: Montrealistik cap. Fake fendi crewneck from FAKE store . Nike Air Max sneakers. Herschel bag. H&M shorts.  

Men’s fashion: Summer Streetstyle (3)

Guillaume – Professional dresser at Avant-Garde (+ DA) Wearing: Acné shirt. Zanerobe pants. Harris Tweed hat. Asos necklace. Vintage boots. Casio watch.

Men’s fashion: Summer Streetstyle (2)

Jeff Lee – Marketing dancer at Marmelades Wearing: Lafayette shirt. Vintage watch and sunglasses. Vans sneakers. H&M Blazer and jeans. Long Board was lost…