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Outfit: Crop top and leather jacket

Sugarlips apparel crop top. American Apparel easy jeans. PF Flyers sneakers. Spitfire sunglasses. Twik leather jacket. One of the best way of transitioning from…

Outfit: Dentelle Dress

Sugarlips apparel dress. Zara shoes. Twik leather jacket. Ray Ban sunglasses. Lise Watier nail color. I know I haven’t been the girl-with-the-cute-dress lately. I…

Outfit: A Striped Boy

Choies t-shirt. American Apparel pants. Sugarlips bomber jacket. Call it Spring shoes. H&M necklace. Persona bracelet.

Outfit: Dat Jean-Leather Jacket

Sugarlips Apparel pants. Vintage jean coat and Chanel scarf. PF Flyers sneakers. Rings for Etsy (see here). This jean jacket is quite the bomb,…

Star Trek cardigan

Jacob shirt and belt. H&M cardigan and pants. Vintage clutch. Forever21 loafers. I get a lot of (bad!) reactions when I wear this cardigan….