Outfit: Dentelle Dress

Sugarlips apparel dress. Zara shoes. Twik leather jacket. Ray Ban sunglasses. Lise Watier nail color. I know I haven’t been the girl-with-the-cute-dress lately. I…

Outfit: A Striped Boy

Choies t-shirt. American Apparel pants. Sugarlips bomber jacket. Call it Spring shoes. H&M necklace. Persona bracelet.

Outfit: Dat Jean-Leather Jacket

Sugarlips Apparel pants. Vintage jean coat and Chanel scarf. PF Flyers sneakers. Rings for Etsy (see here). This jean jacket is quite the bomb,…

Outfit: Pocket Cat + Camera

T-shirt from MisterDressUp. Converse All-Star sneakers. Gap jeans. Persona bracelet. Joe Fresh necklace. Photography is now a huge part of my life since I…

Star Trek cardigan

Jacob shirt and belt. H&M cardigan and pants. Vintage clutch. Forever21 loafers. I get a lot of (bad!) reactions when I wear this cardigan….