Streetstyle: Milan Fashion Week lessons

MFW14 Streetstyle Prada bag Belted coat MFW14 Streetstyle MFW Gray on Gray layers Baby blue coat MFW MFW Streetstyle bomber jacketBright pink beenie MFW

A friend was (and still is) in Milan during fashion week and offered me some exclusive streetstyle pictures that he took and I just couldn’t say no. Here are 5 lessons to remember and learn from these pictures:

1. Coats are everything  2. A neon beanie can make your outfit pop in a crowd  3. Mirror sunglasses are still very on trend  4. Layer gray on gray on gray for an ultimate chic look  5. A belted coat is never out, never

Anything else you like about those photos? If so, do share.

Pictures taken by Jordan Bilodeau/edited by me

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Gabrielle Lacasse

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