How to stop comparing yourself on social media

How to stop comparing yourself on social media

These days, it seems like everyone has a perfect life based on what we see on social media. It can be a little depressing to scroll down your feed after seeing countless of beautiful people living their best lives while you’re at home eating chips in your sweats. We totally get you, so here are 5 tips on how to stop comparing yourself on social media.

  • Disconnect for a few days; it doesn’t hurt to take a break from the Internet and to take the time to enjoy the little things you have in your life.
  • Keep in mind that social media is like a magazine; the pictures or the videos that you see are altered to look almost perfect, so what we see is not always how it really is.
  • Focus on your strengths; take the time to analyze what you do best and keep practicing to get even better! Then share it with the world if it makes you happy.
  • Comparisons are unfair; no one starts at the same level in life, so the reason why someone may seem to have “made it” in life is simply that this person took a different path than yours. It is not fair to compare yourself to other people, because maybe you didn’t have the same chances as they did. Take a look at what you’ve accomplished instead!
  • Compete with yourself; instead of comparing where you are in life versus where your classmates are, ask yourself if you are happier in your life now than you were last year. Realizing that kind of stuff makes us better, so take the time to ask yourself some serious questions from time to time.

What are your tricks to stop comparing yourself on social media?

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