Where to stay in New York City: The Sofitel

Attending New York Fashion Week means running from places to places, jumping in cabs and Ubers (it’s legal there), taking photos on the run and eating on the go. Your schedule is overbooked and your time, very precious, hence why it is so important to stay at a central place that will feel like home.

This Fashion Week, I had the pleasure to stay at the Sofitel NYC, located 44th street and 5th Avenue- yep, 5th Avenue. I instantly felt at home because the hotel has French roots and comfortable beds. I was greeted every morning by a « Bonjour » and could order cheese and wine at my room when I had too much blogging to do and no time to go grab food. I mean, it was simply perfect for me!

While staying there, I enjoyed the proximity to Bryant Park, in which I met a Toronto friend for an afternoon glass of wine and in which I took the time to shoot a bit of photos for my own collection. The place is wonderful; it feels like an Oasis in the middle of this crazy city.

Near the hotel is also located many great coffee shops, which is primary for a coffee addict and Instagrammer like myself. I got the try the best Matcha latté in town at Chalait and eat lots of cookies and macaroons at Ramini, which are both a 5 minutes walk from Sofitel. What’s best than having a combination of great coffees, cookies and marble table near your home away from home?

The public library- which is a over the top, inspiring place is a 2 minute walk from the hotel, as well as all the good shopping places on 5th avenue. You won’t get bored in this dominant area, that is 100% sure.

I personally would go back to Sofitel anytime. The staff is amazingly nice and understandable- aka I booked the wrong dates and they totally understood and helped me with this problem super quick. The food was great, the bed comfortable and the view- magical.

Whether you live in NYC and want to experience a staycation, or you feel like you need a weekend escape, I would highly recommend this French-inspired, well-decorated space for you to stay and enjoy yourself.

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