Some ways to use old planks of wood in your home

How about using some wood planks on your home decor Utiliser du bois de grange pour la déco de la maison Décorez votre maison avec des vieilles planches de bois Some ways to use old wood pallets in your decoration Des belles portes coulissantes faites avec du bois de grange Quelques façons d'utiliser des vieilles planches de bois dans votre déco Wood furniture for a modern and rustic decoration Nothing is created, everything is transformed

For those thinking of using wood furniture for a modern and rustic decoration, we suggest planks of wood or barn wood. You can buy them separately or try to recover some in farms or even after the moving season (yes, we know we can have great finds after that). Both economic and ecological, the principle is to customize your home by making new out of the old. From sliding doors to a beautiful headboard, the choices are endless and it depends only on your imagination. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed!

Inspo via Adored Vintage, Fruandersen, Service Central, Coco Lapine Design & Blood Champagne

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