Socks and Sandals, Yay or Nay?

Socks and sandals Socks and sandals trend Sandals and socks yay or nay? Sandales dans les bas Sandals and socks Socks and sandals yay or nay?

Socks and sandals allow to mix fun colours together. Hip and witty, this trend is great for the spring and the beginning of summer when it is still too cold outside to work those type of shoes. Although it is a very controversial trend, it was seen a lot on the runways as well as in the look books of every fashion company… And we love it! What do you guys think, socks with sandals, yay or nay?

Photos from Teva Sandalsthe Cult of StyleKayla Hadlington and Pinterest

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Catherine Couture-Boulanger

Catherine is a rebellious, dream-filled modern hippie who strives to grow through lifes challenges. She is a woman of determination who keeps smiling, no matter what.