Snowboarding and eating at Mont Tremblant

If I told you that a place near your house had a pedestrian village, an amazing mountain to ski, delicious food and various night/days activities, would you like to go and explore it? I know you would and you actually can, because I am talking about Tremblant, the #1 ski resort in eastern north america, which is only an hour and a half from Montreal.

I already knew the place a little (since I went 2 years ago with my boyfriend and this summer for Tremblant Gourmand), but I felt like I missed something important while being there: snowboarding! I then headed north last week to photograph the place.

We stayed at the Fairmont hotel, which is a great, luxurious place with many fireplaces and a very nice staff. We had the chance to try the heated outdoor pool and spa after our first day of snowboard, which is included with any room rental. Speaking of Spa, we just HAD to try the Scandinave Spa on our first night there. The place is beautiful, calm, relaxing, I highly recommend it.

For our first day at the Mountain, Burton landed us those super-great boards (yes, they now rent boards in their store). It took me a little time to adjust to the flying-v technology, but after awhile, it was like I never tried anything else. I enjoyed my time at the mountain a lot and there was always someone nice to help me out if I had any question about the weather or which track was the best. If you plan on going, I highly recommend you try those places to eat:

  • Le refuge. Directly on the mountain, on the “versant Soleil”, you’ll get to eat the greatest comfort food of all time, between 2 rides (pictured).
  • Gypsy: Mediterranean food at its best. My personal fave: Goat cheese with herbs, spinach sautéed in olive oil and garlic confit.
  • For chocolate, you must try Rocky Mountain. I bought this marshmallow/chocolate stick, not pictured because I ate it all really quick.
  • For breakfast, try crêperie Catherine. I tried the Banana split one, see picture for an instant heart attack.

Have you ever been to Tremblant for snowboarding? What are you favourite places to eat?

*Click on pictures if you want to see them in a bigger size

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