Shopping: Silver rings

silver rings

Rings from Etsy (BK&Jio and June Designs). Bracelets from H&M, Goodnight Macaroon and a thrift store.

When I crave new rings, the first place I look is on Etsy. It is the only place I know where I can find cute and simple rings that won’t make my fingers turn into a weird green color. Well, I know I could order designers jewelry, but my wallet likes the idea that I can buy good quality rings without struggling to pay my rent. Am I the only one addicted to Etsy? Please, tell me I am not.

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Gabrielle Lacasse

Gabrielle is the founder of Dentelle+Fleurs. As a young woman with a creative soul, passionate about writing and photography, she uses the web as an artistic platform to share her ideas and work.

  • I laughed when i saw this! ETSY is definitely a must if you dont wanna go broke :P cute rings :)

  • Je craque pour tes jolies bagues :) puis si ça peut te rassurer je suis aussi une grande accroc à Etsy ! :*

  • Naaaan moi Aussi j’adore , ma bague de mariage vient de là :)

  • Perfect arm candy!

    x Sharday