Shopping: My F21 finds

forever21 finds


I went totally cray at Forever 21 this tuesday, taking everything I liked and putting it in the big black bag they give at the entrance. I decided to share my finds with you, like I would with my roommate or my best friend. I live with the BF so sometimes, a little girl talk about new clothes is something I highly need. Tell me what you like, or what you don’t.

1. A fuzzy sweater! I had one 2 years ago, remember? I sold it, in the heat of the moment. I wanted a new one, but pastel, because pastel is life.  2. A new earcuff. So glamourouuus (say it with a fancy voice please)  3. A tote. It looks like the ones I keep seeing on Instagram. I got brainwashed, okay?  4. Printed pants. A friend of mine wore some pants  like these at brunch the other day and since then, I’ve been obsessed. She told me she got them at F21, so guess what? You know what.  5. A necklace, just because.  6. Black pants with a white stripe. It reminded me of the band, and I liked that band.  7. Cut-out shoes. I had some but they got destroyed this summer at Governor’s Ball festival. New ones it is.  8. A black and gold belt that goes with everything.


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