You SHALL NOT hang your frames

shelf full of frames Frame on shelf instead of on the walls put your frames on the floor Frame on shelf in the room frame in the living room what to put upon the fire place

Let’s talk about a new home deco trend: the don’t-hang-your-frame thing. Perhaps it all started because people didn’t want to make holes in their walls or maybe some are just too lazy. No matter which kind of person you are, go ahead and adopt this trend because it looks really good. You can put the frame on a shelf or directly on the floor next to the wall. Either way, the only tips we have for you is to play with the size of your frames and have fun! Let’s face it: decoration trends last as long as fashion trends. When you get bored, go ahead and take these frames off the shelf. You will thank us when you won’t have to fill in those nail holes in the living room walls.

Pics all from Pinterest (if you know the real sources, do share!)

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