Set up the perfect Christmas eve table

centre de table avec des branches de pins handwritten menu for christmas ideas for some christmas center table mettez la table pour une belle reception de noel white candle for a rustic mood table decoration Put some red in that center table for christmas eve sugared cranberries to eat and decorate set table for christmas

Christmas dinner is all about the little details, so this is why we have made you a list of tips to make it an awesome (but not cheezy) Christmas party.

  • Think: natural accessories. For example, use pine cones, cranberries, little pine branches, cinamon sticks or anything that is made out of wood.
  • Light up some white candles. This will create a rustic and cozy ambiance.
  • To overcome the mess of people asking where they need to sit, create place marks.
  • Try to add a hint of red for your centrepiece. Like mentioned earlier cranberries are a great idea. You can also use red flowers that are not too tall. You wouldn’t want a blocked view!
  • Take the time to write up a menu so that people can get excited about what you are cooking (with love, of course).

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