A quick MTL tour with Club Monaco

As you may know, Club Monaco just opened a new store on St-Catherine and it is the most-wonderful store of all time. Since they are new in the neighbourhood, they wanted to get a feel of Montreal, discover new places and visit a little. I then decided to take a little (long) walk in my city and take pictures of what felt right, to introduce our city to the brand.

Here are a few things you should know before you judge:

  • I walked 2 hours and it was -25 Celsius. By the end of this walk, I couldn’t feel my whole body.
  • Most places were not interested in having pictures taken there (they clearly didn’t know my ability of making things beautiful through photos, daaah)
  • Everything was slushy, brown and bleh, Montreal-as-is in winter

Now, here are the few places I snaped and why I love them:

  1. Hotel Loft: I love every hotel in every city, I am sucker for hotel life. When I saw that I had to pass by this hotel, I took this picture of bubbles and flowers.
  2. Different houses/churches: Montreal is well-known for its beautiful/cute houses and good looking churches. It was a must see, I had to.
  3. St-Viateur bagels: Mmm fresh bagels. Oh and, I do not want to take the “St-Viateur” side, because I like Fairmount equally, but I was just there ok (wanted to take pictures of Myriade II but they said no).
  4. Citizen Vintage: I love this Vintage store and have been collaborating with them since ages. They always manage to have the best vintage pieces and they host such cool soirées. They had a tent in their store, I mean!
  5. L’échange: Bring your old books there and you’ll get new ones (second-hand ones, but it is the same, from my point of view). Their selection is wonderful, I always go there so find my newest reads at lowest prices.
  6. Boulangerie les Copains d’abord: I go there about 3 times a week to get a clafoutis and a Latté. I am very sorry about the “to-go” cup, but it was my first stop and I had a long walk ahead of me.

I know I missed a lot of places, because Montreal is such a great city, every corner has something wonderful to offer. Tell me, what are you fave Montreal places? Banquise, Old-port, Carré St-Louis?

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