Productive things to do for those ‘’I have nothing to do’’ moments

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Feeling like you have absolutely nothing to do and the only thing you can think of is binge watching a TV show on Netflix? Resist the temptation of wasting time, because truth is, there is probably a thousand productive things that can be done. So instead of watching Netflix, here are a few productive activities for you:

  • Get ahead in some work like an important assignment or exam. You will be thankful to have started when you will find yourself in a rush later on.
  • It’s the perfect timing to cook your favorite recipe and organize your next meals.
  • Organize your closet and/or makeup storage. If you’re like us, your closet is probably always full of stuff and could use a little clean up. While you’re at it, why not clean all of those makeup brushes and get rid of expired products.
  • Why not read the newest issue of your favorite magazine or start a book on an interesting subject to learn new things.
  • Take time to organize your online files and maybe even plan a backup for those really important files.
  • It’s also a great timing to put on some upbeat music and exercise.

Inspo via NatalieAst, That’s just Fabulous & Paper&Berries

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Juliana Barba

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