Photo diary: A night at Igloofest

Last saturday, I was invited by Gros Blogue and Vidéotron Mobile to dance, slide and drink a cold beer at Igloofest. Since I enjoy a good music festival, I went with a smile on my face and 3 coats layered one over another.

It was around -30 degrees when I got there and couldn’t feel my face after a minute on the site. To all of you guys that went last Saturday, you have my blessing, because it was one cold night to be outside. Anyhow, I still enjoyed my time, do not worry. I drank a Sapporo or two, chilled next to the fire place, met friends, danced and tried the Photo Booth.

Every year, I go to Igloofest and I am completely shocked by the beauty we create in Montreal. We have such a cool/fun vibe in the city and events like this are just taking my breath away. I have a few friends that are working on that big project, it makes me real proud to see that they are making such a great job.I highly recommend you go for a soirée at Igloofest, especially if you like good music and ice bars. By the way, Vidéotron Mobile is hosting a special soirée on February 6th, I am sure it is going to be super fun.

Don’t forget to take a look at the pictures I took, you just have to scroll left or right (use the arrows). You can also visit Gros Blogue site for special Igloofest vidéos (in french only).

This post was sponsored by Vidéotron Mobile, but I go to Igloofest every year and love it!

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Gabrielle Lacasse

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