Outfit: Workwear with 424 Fifth

424 fifth outfit post on dentelleetfleurs.com tuck in plaid shirt in pencil skirt 424 fifth skirt and plaid blouse Bunnybecool necklace on dentelleetfleurs.com 424 fifth outfit post plaid shirt pencil skirt

424 fifth shirt and skirt. Bunny Be Cool necklace. Vintage clutch. Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

Tube skirt are usually not my cup of tea, I find them very uncomfortable and hard to walk in. You always have to make tiny tiny steps when you wear one of these and I hate it. Well, I used to, but things have changed. I tried this one from 424 fifth and let me tell you a secret: it is stretchy, very stretchy. More comfort and big steps ahead!

Pssstt 424 Fifth is available at the Bay or online (see below).

Photos: Eliane Bourque

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