Outfit: WideLeg Jumpsuit

One Piece by DentelleFleurs and Dahlia Wolf dahlia wolf one piece dentellefleurs and Dahlia Wolf Lace one piece with open back

Jumpsuit by Dahlia Wolf. Call it Spring heels. Forever21 bracelets.

This piece is one of the chicest I own. The fabric, the cut, the open-back, the wide legs, I mean, nothing can compare. And how did I find something that unique? Well, I kinda helped with the design (please note the “kinda”). Yes! There is this new website called Dahlia Wolf where you send inspirational fashion images and if they get a certain amount of votes, designers make them come alive! And, mine did, as you can see! I highly suggest you register if you want the piece of your dream to land in your wardrobe. Also, if you like the jumpsuit, you can shop it here and discover the images that served as inspirations.

Photos: Anik Lacasse-Richard

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Gabrielle Lacasse

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