Outfit: Shelly’s London and short hair

shelly's london boots shelly's london high boots shelly's london boots. Forever21 kimono. short hairshort hair

Shelly’s London boots via Capezio. Zara top. Forever21 kimono. Uranium earcuff. H&M pants. Jewelmint and Alexa pope bracelets.

A new me, with short short hair. Some people have been asking me why the hell I went to the hairdresser to cut my hair this short. Well, I needed a change, is that a good enough reason? Plus, they are now healthier and they will grow back, I promise. In the meantime, let me know what you think of my transformation. I also wanted to introduce you to Aldo’s new brand, Shelly’s London. Cute styles, unique designs and fun campaign. These boots were made for walking, that is for sure.


Pictures: Anik Lacasse-Richard

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