Outfit: Casually striped


Dentelle+Fleurs outfit- H&M sweater, Zara pants, Joe Fresh shoes Dentelle+Fleurs outfit- Rebecca Minkoff bag, Zara pants, H&M top. Dentelle+Fleurs outfit- Joe Fresh shoes, Zara pants, H&M top

 Joe Fresh shoes and necklace. Rebecca Minkoff bag. Zara pants. H&M top.

Sometimes I go overboard with some kinds of items or patterns and I cannot control myself. Example: Crop tops. At first, I didn’t own any and boom, 2 weeks later I had 5 different kinds in my wardrobe. The story is now repeating itself with stripes. Two weeks ago I thought: Why am I not owning any striped shirt? Then, I bought this one, another online and I probably will buy a couple of others in a few days. This is kinda disturbing. Do you guys have a similar thing or is it just me?


Pictures: Anik Lacasse-Richard

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Gabrielle Lacasse

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