Outfit: Basics

Basic mixed on dentellefleurs Plenty basics. Black jeggings. Mixing basics with Plenty Get Plenty jeans, sweater and t-shirt. Twik leather jacket from Simons. ZeroUV sunglasses.

Here it is, the basic talk. I know you had it with your friends, your boyfriend, every fashion blogger friend you have, but I have to, because basics are the key to a great wardrobe. We all need a great pair of skinny black pants, a slouchy gray t-shirt and a white knit. Why? Because they go with everything. EVERYTHING! Do not try to think of something that doesn’t match with them to prove me wrong, because you will be wasting your time. You can wake up 5 minutes before work, pick any basics you own and you’ll be ready in time! Speaking of, Plenty is having this 13 for 31 challenge, where you can try to mix 13 great basics differently for 31 days. Well, I didn’t do it for 31 days, only for 1, but anyways, here is how I mix and match my own basics.

Photos: Éliane Bourque

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Gabrielle Lacasse

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