Orange baby

H&M Leggings, hat and purse. Vintage boots, gloves and belt. Wholesale-dress parka.

Remember the last post, when I told you that I was craving an orange purse? Well, I found the perfect one at H&M yesterday. Not too big, not too small, just as orange as I wanted. If you didn’t know, orange is a must color for the next season, so prepare yourself for some serious 70’s inspiration this spring. By the way I adore those new leggings, they are my new favorite! Hurray for knee patches!
I think these pictures are sooo funny, my face is so weird when I jump. I didn’t notice it until now.
I appreciate the fact that you keep reading my blog, thanks guys. Don’t forget to follow with google contact of Bloglovin’, that would make me really happy!
Have a nice week-end!
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