Ombre again

Quicksilver ombre cardigan. H&M denim shirt. American Apparel skirt. Spring shoes. Forever21 purse.


Yes, ombre again, but what do you want, I’m addicted.
This cute dog ran to me while we were taking pictures and I couldn’t resist petting him. I can never resist petting any animal, actually.
Also, my laptop died yesterday and I lost everything that was in my hard drive. One word people: Backup. I will never forget that awful day.
Photos taken by Francis Aubry
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  • Stéphanie

    J'adore !

  • Les Folies de Flo

    Je découvre ton blog grâce à ton commentaire laissé sur le mien : j'aime beaucoup ton style :)

  • northern style exposure

    love this look! its like an edgy j crew ad :)

  • Audrey

    love it! I love a great chambray shirt! Perfect look for Fall. Gorgeous photos too!

  • Ash Louise

    You look stinkin' adorable here! And with Ombre, you mean you re-did your hair right? It looks great, cause it looks natural! (normally when you just do it you can always tell)

    I love your outfit though, especially the little booties. And I'm with you with the petting thing! In fact, everytime I take a walk and I see a stray animal, I have to ALWAYS run home and get it food.
    I'm running out of food!

  • and so it goes….

    Thanks for the comment, You are so sweet. Your blog is adorable!
    I love love love that cardigan. As well as the shoulder bag (I am totally obsessed with bows) =]

    Followed =]

  • M and C

    oh i love this outfit! and the photos too! they're amazing!:):)
    the dog<3 so cute!

  • Pretty Little Dolly

    I think I'm in love with your outfit! If I had the right items I'd definitely recreate it, I think I might have to buy so I can recreate!


  • Wren

    I love the purse. And I love the ombre. Please never apologize for it.

  • kb

    aw sooo cute! x

  • Virginie’s Cinema

    Sorry to hear about your computer :S

    I think my favorite part of this outfit is the purse!!

    Virginie ♥

  • Kamila

    darling you are amazing!!!! love your blog :)

    xoxo from glasgow :)

  • Andrea

    Great jumper! Love the backdrop and the lovely dog :)

  • Alexandra

    Oh no Gabrielle, the same thing happened to me last summer! It was like straight out of that SATC episode with Carrie…sorry to hear love, hopefully you can recover some of it!

    You are the queen of ombré, I don't know how you always find such great sweaters I've been looking forever and can't find any good ombré finds! Lovely look as always :)

    Alexandra xo

  • M.E

    Thanks for your comment :)

    Great post! u look fab!

  • Dale

    Sorry about your laptop dying. I love this post, you look great and ombre is so chic.

    I'm a stylist with a fashion blog here in San Francisco if you have time

  • Erin

    looking awesome! I love your chambray-and your dog is soo cute!


    Erin @

  • Maddie

    Fabulous outfit! That bag is so, so cute!! :))

  • Baby Budget Blog

    Love the soft grey and blue hues! So warm in this cold weather :)

  • Phuong

    i love your cardigan

    Travel in Style

  • Sandra
  • MaRiaNela..

    Thanks for comment on my blog! I love these post! you're beautiful!!

  • Fredi

    you look cute, love your cardigan :)

  • larissa

    Great look.
    Why not go for ombre hair as well?
    I love that.
    Nice blog! Keep upp.

  • ♥ Ana Paula Xavier ♥

    J'aime votre blog!