Night Cat

This is exactly how I would want to look, walking in the city, by night, with lots of fur, nice gloves and perfect hair. I wish pony tail would fit me better, I think it gives a sophisticated look to the model.
Did I mention that today was the coolest day ever? I think it was -20 degrees out there. I was walking to catch my bus and all you could see from me were my eyes. The rest was covered up with a warm scarf and my hat. How I wish I was living in California, Miami, Mexico, just a warm place. Well, I am wishing lots of things today, but please don’t get me wrong, I love Montreal, I just hate winter, that’s all!
Thank you for all of your nice comments. I really appreciate it!

Photos: FashionGoneRogue

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  • Paule

    on doit etre vachement bien dedans! :)

  • Ismérie

    C'est vrai que la queue de cheval c'est bien sympa, quand on a un front immense comme moi, c'est pas top ;-)
    Pour les -20, je t'avoue que pour l'instant je les supporte. On verra dans quelques années j'en aurais peut être marre comme toi…