Video: My New York Fashion Week diary

Over the years, I’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding New York Fashion Week. What do you do there? How is it to attend shows? Do you see any celebrities? It is amazing?

Well, since I’ve started doing videos, I decided that this for Fall/Winter 2017 New York Fashion Week, I was just going to bring you guys along. Follow me at the Coach show, at the J.Crew show, at a few brunches, at my photoshoots, browse showrooms and many more.

Let me know if you like this type of videos. They are personally my favorites to create. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel here to see every video I post. Have a good day!

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Gabrielle Lacasse

Gabrielle is the founder of Dentelle+Fleurs. As a young woman with a creative soul, passionate about writing and photography, she uses the web as an artistic platform to share her ideas and work.