New year new bag

I might have been a little MIA here for the last few weeks. I took time for myself, went on a little trip without posting about it on social media and spent a whole lot of time with my family and friends during the Holidays. It was my first time taking some time off from creating content in 7 YEARS GUYS. Yep, that is a lot of time without any break from work. It was a good thing to do for my mental health, but I might say I struggled a bit to get back to it. Still, here I am now, ready to attack 2018.

I thrifted this top in Miami while I was on my little internet-free vacay and I love it so much. It fits perfectly. As for the bag, it is a Montreal brand called Partoem and their design is on point guys. Stalk them here.

Hope you guys all had a wonderful start of 2018. The important thing this year will be to take some time off for yourself and put yourself first xx

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