Navy and black, it works!

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Maybe you heard the fashion rule that navy and black shouldn’t go together. Well, today we are going to prove it wrong. In fact, our fashion eye tells us the exact opposite. Navy is such a chameleon color and it goes well on everybody. Plus, black is the color that reflects class. When you mix them together, it’s a fashion statement! We also need to mention that black and navy are the perfect colors for your fall and winter wardrobe. The key for mastering this look is layering. By doing so, even if both colors are similar, they are both going to shine. For an even cooler look, here’s some advice: don’t be scared to play with textures. For example, wear some black leather pants and a navy cashmere sweater.

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Eugénie Paquette

Eugénie is a young woman with a heart as big as a pink elephant. That makes her a dreamy person blessed with a warm and ambitious personality. Life is her passion, fashion especially.

  • Love the texture of the chunky knits with leather mini skirt! x

    Sophia //

  • veve

    Actually, Balmain did the navy + black over 5 years ago and it broke the “never mix black and navy” rule. Try being a few steps ahead please…

    • Sarah

      I think it’s more about helping some girls to step out of some basic “rules” and explore! I’m super happy that you and some other blogger broke the rule a long time ago. Some times it’s not really about being steps ahead put more about taking the hand of someone and walk with him in a path HE didn’t know about!

      No need to be arrogant, this blog is a nice community.

      Have a nice day xx

      • vev

        point taken