My runway, in pictures

That makeup artist was so fun! Loved him
  Last talk with the other bloggers (I know I don’t seem interested, but I was, okay?)
Just before the show. My fabulous models (all styled by me).
Clothes, sunglasses, hat and bag from Citizen Vintage. Accessories from Boutique Onze.
Clothes, sunglasses, turban and bag from Citizen Vintage.
Citizen Vintage, from head to toe. Vintage all the way baby!
Citizen Vintage clothes+ Boutique Onze bracelets= that outfit
All from Boutique Onze
Final walk
Chatting with the models
Here are my pictures of the runway event “5 bloggers, 5 looks” at fashion and design festival. I talked about it in a previous post (here).
I would like to thank you all for supporting me through this journey, letting me talk about clothes on and on again, landing me some amazing pieces to show on the runway, taking some wonderful pictures for my blog and giving me a chance to show my personal style to the world.
Thank you Sensation Mode for giving us, bloggers, the chance to be considered as professionals.
Thank you to my official photographer of the day, Hugo Trottier, who took some amazing shots.
Thanks to Citizen Vintage and Boutique Onze, two wonderful stores.
Gracias my gorgeous models, you rocked that runway.

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Hugo Trottier Photography 
Shop at Citizen Vintage
Shop at Boutique Onze

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