Mustard coat

Who knew that the year would go so fast? Every time we get to New Years Eve, I wonder how life manage to go that fast and that I am never getting use to it. Probably never gonna, actually.
Well, my hands are getting better, so I decided to get out and show you some of my new acquisitions.

You are probably wondering what is in my hand on that photo. Well, it is one of my favorite Christmas gift: a Chanel lipstick, 100% perfect. It glides wonderfully and the color is radiant. I am wearing it on the pictures, see for yourselves.

Those boots are from Wholesale-dress (remember the post I mentioned that website) and I like them so much. The problem is I seem to be the only one who enjoys them but eh, who cares. I am the one who is wearing them.


And that nice bag? Right from Italy, Milan airport. I love it. It is so big that it can contain whatever I want. I tested.
Coat: Forever 21 (shop here)
Boots: Wholesale-dress (shop here)
Bag: Carpisa (shop here)
Lipstick: Chanel
Jeans: Acne (shop here)
Gloves: Thrifted Vintage
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