Must read: How to walk in high heels

“How to walk in high heels”, known as “the girl guide to everything” is the perfect book for the girl who tries to survive into the ladies world.

Ce livre, ma foi, hilarant, se relève être un guide pour toute femme qui désire faire, enfin, presque tout! En passant par l’entretien de la maison, la conversation politique, les petits fours, les marques branchées et la nouvelle technologie, Camilla Morton nous dresse un portrait de la vie quotidienne, en nous donnant des trucs très branchés pour accomplir nos tâches les plus banales. Ce qui est bien est qu’il est divisé en plusieurs petits sous-titres facilement repérables. Exemples: “How to play chess”, “How to apply finger plasters”, “How to cure an hangover” , “How to know when to wear a heel” and much much much more. Je le conseille à toute fille qui désire en apprendre plus sur elle-même et souhaite s’épanouir en tant que femme. Pour améliorer son apparence ET son esprit.




Pas convaincues? S’il vous plait, lisez ces extraits, qui sont à la fois très ludiques et très véridiques.

(Pour lectrices anglaises seulement):

How to make stylist excuses:
Even with the best will in the world sometimes you just won’t make it. It is a myth that timekeeping in unstylish. But while being fashionably late is one thing, being supremely delayed is tardy, chaotic, ill mannered and downright rude.
This handy guide will help you gauge the appropriate level of apology:
0-20 minutes:
No excuses necessary. You have arrived. What is the problem?
20-45 minutes:
Disarm irritated faces with compliments and follow with a casual apology, blaming external factors. Your opening gambit could run along the following lines: “Oh how lovely to see you again. You look so well. Nightmare getting a cab/traffic/parking isn’t it? (Delete as appropriate)
45 minutes-hour:
Vaguely suggest a day of exciting trauma, but be careful not to elaborate, settle in quickly and become absorbed in the current conversation. “What a day! You just couldn’t imagine. Oh well at least I’m here, so what have I missed? Anyone else having trouble getting a sedan chair to carry them over ce soir? “… and so on.
And much more of this amazing book! Go get it now! Since I have it I can’t live without it! I am So not tired of it!
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