Mini Expo: Ali Inay

You are probably already following him on Insta (you are not? double check, I am sure you are) because its pictures are always on point. Ali captures Montreal like no other and probably drinks more coffee in a day than I do in a month. I’ve met him when I went to Kingston (remember?) and he taught me how to use Snapseed, which completely changed my Insta-life. I admire his work and his great sense of humour. Fortunately, he shared with us some great pictures and answered the usual Mini-Expo questions:

What are your inspirations? I’m interested in daily routines and finding beauty in the things that we come across every day. It can be a colourful school backyard, a tennis court during golden hour or shadow of a drink on the table. 

Do you prefer digital or film? It depends. Sometimes, shooting film feels right as it slows everything down. Other times I want to shoot without stopping, which you can’t really do with film. I actually discovered analog photography with Instagram. After seeing all those photographers with their Hasselblads I decided to invest in a simple camera, just to experiment. Last summer I ended up collecting/buying around 10 film cameras from flea markets and second hand stores. There is a certain satisfaction you get with those, which is missing in digital photography. 

Favorite photographer? Andreas Gursky, Ara Guler, Stephen Shore, William Eggleston.

Why Photography? Talking through images is more intuitive for me.

What would you say to someone who wants to start taking photos? I don’t really consider myself a photographer. – I’m just a person who likes photography a lot and practices it on a daily basis. So my recommendation would be taking your camera always with you wherever you go, looking for inspirations from others’ works, finding the ideas/subjects/emotions that appeal you the most and trying to reflect those to your audience.

If you want more of Ali, check out his Insta here, you’ll thank me later!

*Psttt, just click on the photos to see them bigger

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