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The first time that I was ever introduced to Lush was when I was young. My aunt, who was living in Vancouver, would bring back some bath bombs when she would visit us during the holidays. We didn’t have them here at the time and it was such an adventure when I was trying those. They were bringing fuzz, sparkles and surprises to my everyday bath, which I adored.

We now have a few Lush stores in Quebec and I still enjoy the products so much. I’ve discovered that the brand had way more to offer than bath bombs! Soaps, shampoos, scrubs, toothpaste, name it! I am completely hooked to these eco-friendly products.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Soak and Float solid shampoo. It reduces the itchiness of my scalp and fight flakes like no other (yes, I do have those, ew I know). It leaves the hair soft and shiny.
  2. No Drought dry shampoo. It absorbs excess oil when I am on the go and do not have time to wash and dry my hair. Plus, the smell is amazing (lemon, grapefruit and lime).
  3. Bath Bombs. Yes, I still enjoy those SO SO much. Taking a bath with one of these is like a party to me. The pumpkin one is to celebrate Halloween in my very own way! (The green one is from here, the long one here and the pumpkin one here).
  4.  Ocean Salt body and face scrub. This vegan scrub contains avocado butter, coconut, lime and sea salt. It leaves my skin soooo soft and glowy. It is actually the best scrub that I ever tried, hands down.
  5. Fairy ring soap. From the Halloween collection, this soap smells like jasmine and is made with fresh mushrooms (yes, you read well!).
  6. Wizard bubble bath. This too-cute bubble bath bar is made of tangerine, juniperberry and fennel essential oils help balance the skin. Why Wizard? Because it is pure magic for the body and soul (also from the Halloween collection).

Have you ever tried any of these products? What is your favorite Lush product?

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