How to do your Makeup like a french girl

On the opposite of the over the top makeup trend, caky foundation and fake eyelashes, another trend started to merge on Youtube, simple french makeup. French girls are known for their simple, natural beauty looks. They are all about embracing what you have, your natural beauty, and enhancing your flaws instead of hiding them or get them remove in a clinic of some sort. French girls feel like if you have big, curly hair, you have to roll with it and make them even more curlier. If you have a big nose, it adds character to your face and you should embrace it.

Inspired mostly by Jeanne Damas and a few stylish french girls I follow on Instagram, I wanted to give you my take on the french girl makeup trend. Light foundation, nothing on the eyes and a very bright, colorful lip. In this video, I also chat about different topics and introduce you to one of my dear friend, Eve Martel. We shot this video in her beautiful apartment, which you can stalk at the beginning of the clip. She also has her very own Youtube channel (in french), so make sure you follow.

Let me know if you liked my take on the french girl makeup and make sure you subscribe to my channel here. Have a wonderful day!

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Gabrielle Lacasse

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