Little boy

I can’t believe that I am actually posting this. I was always that girly/feminine gal and I am now craving those boyish garments and accessories. Sneakers? Really? I want some. I think I did too much bike this summer and it transformed me into this sporty girl or something. Should I follow my crave or stick to my dresses?

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Gabrielle Lacasse

Gabrielle is the founder of Dentelle+Fleurs. As a young woman with a creative soul, passionate about writing and photography, she uses the web as an artistic platform to share her ideas and work.

  • I am all for changing up style now and then, so I say embrace the boyish pieces if you feel like it!

  • c’est vraiment vraiment BEAU. Surtout le shirt et le sac !!!!!

  • Sometimes it’s original to combine menswear with womenswear, it is a matter of taste :)


  • Justine

    Chiara Ferragnia le meme chandail avec le chien! Elle le portait récement justement

  • I say buy a couple things, and switch it up. But it may not last so don’t but too many items that you may never wear again.