#LifeUnzipped with Jansport

Jansport shot by Bianca Desjardins golden hour in front of pont jacques cartier Jansport x dentelleetfleurs Gabrielle Lacasse x jansport Jansport Montreal with montreal blogger dentellefleurs gabrielle lacasse for jansport

I am very excited to partner up with Jansport for the month of April for a little tour of my very own city, Montreal. I’ll get to share with you guys my favourites spots to shoot, hangout and get coffee. If you’ve ever been to Montreal (you prob did, but IF), you do know that it is a island, and therefore, you need to take the Jacques-Cartier bridge to get there (do not try Champlain if you want to live). Last summer, I got to go see the fireworks at La Ronde with the BF and we biked all the way there, crossing the bridge and stopping to get a full glimpse at the view.

I absolutely love the idea of shooting in front of this bridge at golden hour, like Bianca and I did for this project. We were very excited about this too-great lightning. Also, make sure you check out the full interview I did with Jansport to find out more about my favorite places in Mtl!

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