Less is more

minimalism jewelry is the new trend structure in minimalit fasion trends minimalist fashion trends un maquillage naturel pour un look minimaliste the colors of minimalist fashion bijoux geometriques pour rester minimaliste basic shirt for a basic and minimalist look objets de décoration d'interieur minimalistes minimalist interior design

Whether it be fashion, design, home staging, jewelry or even makeup, at Dentelle+Fleurs we live by one motto: minimalism! In fashion and design, this trend is all about black, white and grey as well as some lines and structured shapes. If we talk about minimalistic makeup, it is all about soft colours and a natural feel on the skin. For home staging, getting rid of all unnecessary items and going for modern and graphic accessories is necessary. To conclude, remember that less is more and that it is all you need.

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Babineau Sarah

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