You know you are a decoration lover when…

modern coffee tableLaguiole knives Country chic dining Colorful bookshelf Black and white bathroom black and white living room Vintage decanter

We already admitted that we were stongly addicted to interior decoration. Now, the question is, are you? If you see yourself in one of those sentences, you certainly are:

  • You ask for Laguiole knives when your birthday comes
  • You have more than one cut glass decanter (and you would like to have more)
  • You think a book can’t be used as a decoration on a table if no other (useless) decoration objects are placed on it
  • You wish you had a big flower bouqet on your dinning table (or you always have one)
  • You think that together, black and white don’t need any accent colors
  • You would trade your mother (almost) for Herman Miller or Eames pieces
  • You think gold is always a better option than silver. Always.
  • You become Sarah Richardson when you enter a fabric store
  • You organize your book by colours in your bookcase

So, what’s the conclusion? Are you a decoration addict?

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Céline-Audrée Hébert Desautels

Classic is her motto regarding her personal style. Celine is always going for neutral shades when it comes to clothing and interior decor. She's a shoe lover and simply can't live without magazines, art books and chocolate.