Healthy Snack-Attack

avocado salads lemon parmesan popcorn barres granola au chocolat noir pois chiches rôtis roasted pumpkin seeds croustilles de chou frisé herb roasted almonds croustilles de bananes sugar cookie energy bites

Are you the type of gal who’s always hungry? We hear ya, especially at this time of the year, when there’s nothing to do except stay home and inevitably, eat all the food you have. Instead of munching on a bag of chips, which is bad for your health, here, we have a bunch of healthy and easy snacks for you to eat.

We promise, you won’t even miss your Doritos!

Photos from A beautiful Mess, FE, Better with cake, The clever carrot, A house in the hills and FPB

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Paola Lazo

When she is not home chilling with her cats, Paola spends her spare time shopping for good deals. She is a girly kind of girl who also loves cupcakes and tea.